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DR1-42 Reschel Knitting Machine

DR1-42 Reschel Knitting Machine

Tubular fruit net

Product ID: DR1-42

DR1-42, SE-120-T


Model DR1-42 is special model for making tubular mesh packing bag, the modification is under the base of our DR serious. It can make continuous tubular bags, is suit for all of agriculture products auto packing, especially for small package using in super market and shopping center.


The advantage of DR1-42 is high out put, perfect yarn feeding system and flexible size adjustment. The same mesh but different size bags will be made in the same time. The performance is higher than the traditional circular knitting machine.

The size of bag is determined by the yarn numbers and mesh size. This machine is equipped with 12 gauges / inch latch needle, within 1008 yarn numbers; it can knit different size of bags in the same machine and no need to change the cylinder.

Slitting and Extension Machine: SE-120-T
Slitting and extension machine is a progressive flat yarn feeding equipment or can be said it is instead of flat yarn making machine and creel stand system, and including both of flat yarn making machine and creel stand function. It is more flexible than the flat yarn making machine, no matter it is PP or PE, it can easily offer us the required denier yarn. Further, it can also offer the yarn from100 denier to 1,000 denier by adjusting the slitting and extension machine. Low denier yarn is the key point of tubular mesh bag and only with our SE serious machine can offer knitting machine perfect performance in low denier.


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Model Series

Double Raschel Knitting Machine – DR1-42

Available width




Drive bar


Machine R.P.M.



2HP x 4P

Motor control system

AC motor with inverter

Yarn let off system

Slitting and extension machine or Creel

Dimension L x W x H (mm)

2,225 x 1,125 x 2,115



Model series

Slitting and Extension Machine – SE-120-T

Available width


Extension multiple

5 ~ 10

Thickness of washer


Number of film

Double layer x 1 roll


1/2HP x 4P, 1/4HP x 6P

Motor control system

AC motor with inverter

Heater capacity


Dimension L x W x H (mm)

2,125 x 1,270 x 2,025

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  • FOB: Taiwan