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How is your warranty policy? How we will deal the damages and failures? Do you offer the service pack – spare parts?
  • We offer 1 year warranty on none-consumable parts, but it is limited that machine is applied and operated properly.
  • We will offer you operation manual + trouble shooting + maintenance guide along with parts list of machines (Please find attached file for reference).  If you have any damage of the machine, please kindly let us know the damage parts, then we will send the parts to you by DHL or other carrier.
  • Also, we will offer tools and spare parts along with machine which are enough for 1 year.
  • If the damage or failure is too serious, we could send our technician to solve the problem. 
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Could you train our stuff? How long it takes? Where? Costs?


  • Normally, we will train your stuff at your place after the installation of machines. It takes about 2~3 days for the operation and maintenance training.  The cost is included in the technician daily salary.
  • We will test the machine before the shipment.  So if you think it is necessary to train the stuff in our place, we welcome you to come to our factory for learning the basic knowledge and operation.  You only need to pay the accommodation of your stuff.


What’s about the installation of the equipment? How long it takes? Are the costs included in offer?
  • We will test run every machine in our factory before the shipment, and then we will send our technician to your factory for the installation.  Generally speaking, it takes about 2~3 days for 1 set of machine. 
  • Normally, the cost is not included in the offer.  The charge is as following: 1. Round trip air ticket at buyer's place. 2. Domestic transportation & accommodation at buyer
Which raw material could be used for the product?

As we know that HDPE material is the most popular on the market. Also, customers add color pellet and anti-UV pellet to change the color and increase the resistance of the net.

Please find attached technical sheet of the Taiwan HDPE material for reference.  However, you could also find the similar material from other supplier.

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