Installation of Onion Bag Machine in Ukraine


In August 2021, the members of Fung Chang arrived at Ukraine, the main purpose of the business trip was for the machine installation.
It is not easy to travel during the pandemic period, however, our members overcome the difficulty to reach customer’s factory and finally completed the machine installation.

The machine which purchased by the Ukraine customer are DR2 series Raschel knitting machine with the on-line auto cutting device.

When the DR2 series machine complete the knitting and stitching process, the fabric will be cut by the on-line auto cutting device into single piece of bag and sent to the conveyor.

The DR2 series is suitable for packing bag of agriculture product like onion, potato, orange...etc, which can produce different sizes and various colors of Raschel bag.

If you are interested in DR2 series machine, please feel free to contact Fung Chang for more detail information.

Production Flow – Onion Bag

Link : PRM E-NEWS Issue 206

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